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August 29, 2010

Frankfurt, Germany...Continued!


So today...we thought it might be neat to climb to the tallest (or almost the tallest) building in Frankfurt, and check out the city for a higher stand point... And thats exactly what we did! It was called the Main Tower and it was very similar to the "formerly known" Sears tower in Chicago..However it wasn't as tall. It is always crazy how much more you can see when you are 200 meters in the air in comparison to 2..! All I can say is thank goodness i'm not afraid of heights.

We then went back to the Museumsuferfest along the river again. I had my first Applesauce flavored Crepe! It was delicious. I can tell that this abroad experience is going to have many firsts... I suppose I can get that list started now!

My first time I have ever eaten a Crepe.
My first time eating a purely German Bratwurst.

My first time I have ever took a shower while kneeling. (Dominiques shower head is at my waist ~ strange)
My first time to experience bottled water that is carbonated.. YUCK (very comparable to fountain pop without the syrup)
My first time to have ridden a Mercedes-Benz taxi
My first time to have seen/used a toilet in which the hole is in the front of the bowl rather than the back! haha!
My first time to have written a blog.
My first time to have been out of the country.
My first time to have seen a kitchen that is probably the size of my closet.
My first time to have used a subway.
My first time I have ever been to a completely German mass.
AND my first time I have ever seen a Porta-building that contained Urinals! LOVED IT! haha! Dominiques mom calls these the "Piss Pots!" Oh it was hilarious! She is awesome!

I guess that is all i can think of right now...But my list of "firsts" will continue! =D

While we were at the festival, it started to rain. ugh... I am sure glad I brought a raincoat!  So we left and just spent the rest of the afternoon in the apartment we are staying at.

That evening, a few of Dominiques friends all came over, and we had a little party before heading to another club. It was quite the party, songs like "The titanic theme song" and "Yesterday by the Beatles" were sung, and that was just the beginning of it!
The club we went to was called the cocoon club. The inner walls of the dance floor were seriously shaped like a cocoon, with little indents in them in which you could sit. Kinda crazy! House/Techno/Whatever you want to call the music we were dancing to was an interesting experience. I felt like I was just doing the same type of dance the whole time! step tap..step tap..step tap... it was fun though.

The night was then over!


Today was a very low key day.

One of the highlights was this AMAZING ice-cream parlor which was absolutely brilliant. From the light fixtures-pictures below, to the actual ice-cream...Lets just say I was impressed!

To kill some time before going to church (YES MOM! I am going to church!) we decided to again go to the Festival and check out what music events were playing today. I was very impressed with one band in particular that were playing the blues brothers theme song! It was great.

The church we went to was called the Frankfurt Dom (The greatest church here in Frankfurt) It is here that I discovered that it is incredibly hard to take pictures of churches and try to capture the full effect.

One picture I needed to take though, was one of the organ! The pipes were incredibly massive in person...Pointing up, pointing down, pointing sideways, and pointing out towards the inner part of the church..crazy!

Even though I couldn't understand anything, it was a good experience. I even thought it might be good to give a little donation to the collection...Hmmm, I wonder what the church is going to do with 2 american dollars?? haha!

Tonight..! FIREWORKS! For the festival, Frankfurt always puts on a fireworks display..Right now its not looking to promising because its raining, but hopefully it will clear up in about a half hour!

Hope you are enjoying my blog!

Oh..and one more thing!
For your enjoyment, I found my entire family...ANT STYLE! =D =D


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