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September 10, 2010

Daring & Diligent...Eager & Bold....NOT - just another week of LONDON!

Hey Everybody!

First and foremost, I just want to remind my new readers that not all my posts show up on the main page.. you may have to go to the bottom and click on older posts. Just a little quick FYI, wouldn't want anybody missing out! =D

I think it is very safe to label this week as "MUSEUM week!" Amongst all of my classes, this week I managed to go to three museums.. The National History Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum, and the British Museum.

All three are within walking distance of my home, and so it was incredibly easy to go and take a peek.

Here is just a little info about each... The National History Museum is housed in one of the most beautiful buildings...Unbelievable! It is quite the place with exhibits such as Dinosaurs, Mammals, Earths Treasury, Minerals, Primates, Marine Life, the Wildlife Garden, and much more.

If your interested in finding out more, there website is .

I just want to say that the Earths Treasury was probably the coolest, with diamonds/emeralds/rubies/etc, from around the world! It was absolutely beautiful, and then they have a section that is called the vault, that contains some of their most prized possessions! It was incredible. Some pictures are seen below of this exhibit.

Again, it was incredible! =D =D

The Victorian & Albert Museum had a totally different concept. It is known to be the worlds greatest museum of art and design! It was pretty incredible with Sculptures, and Photography, and Fashion, and Theater and Jewelry exhibits. AND MUCH MORE! It was crazy cool. Pretty Impressive.

I think one of the parts that impressed me the most was the exhibit that displayed Christian Religious Items. They were pretty fascinating!

I am also a big big fan of stained glass windows, and their collection was phenomenal! =D

Mom, this ones for you...I present you with...A MASSIVE CHOIR BOOK! Could you imagine holding this thing in your hands, much less try to sing out of it!! CRAZINESS!

Their Theater exhibit was pretty neat....It was pretty sweet to see all kinds of different costumes. Such as those worn by Mick Jagger, Adam Ant, Jimmy Page, Brian Eno, and Elton John!

Have any of you seen the Lion King : The Musical?? Well, two of the costumes used in the musical were in this museum. I am so excited to go and see it! I just need to get some tickets first!

Oh, and get this...This museum had a display about mirrors..Now if you ask me...THAT WAS a little Dumb! =D

Even though...I saw all these cool things..I think the coolest find had to be this piano on wheels! Take a look!

The final museum of the week was the British Museum that we went to today. It had more of an Ancient Egypt touch to it. Other exhibits had much to do with different cultures such as the Native Americans and such.

Here are a few pics of the Egyptian Exhibit.

I just have a quick question to ask all of you about the picture below....Would you want yourself to be sculpted without a head?? =D

A couple items that kinda sparked my fancy are pictured below. They were made on a persons face...crazy!

Does the next display (pictured below) remind you of someone?? =D

Lastly, I saw these....really really unique rings. According to the little written note about them, they are known as good luck rings... Check out the little engraving on the top...What do you think it is?? haha! I know I have an idea! =D

Overall, it was a great experience at the museums, I am not to much of a fan of museums in general, but its good to experience some rare history once in awhile!. 

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