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September 05, 2010

LONDON -- The Beginnings!

Soo. The end of my time in Frankfurt happened on Thursday this past week. It sure was an excellent use of a week and the people we stayed with (Dominique & her mom Birgit) were absolutely remarkable! They definitely made the experience even better with there smiles, laughter, knowledge, and ENGLISH SPEAKING SKILLS! =D haha!
It was pretty neat not only to see a few of the cities/attractions in Germany, but also to just live like the average "Frankfurter", using such transportation methods like the Train, or the Subway, and even the Taxi systems. It was neat to be able to live the lifestyle they live everyday by sleeping, eating, and entertaining oneself in a fairly small apartment, and walking up 3 flights of stairs in order to get to it. Talk about crazy...I find myself wondering how in the world the elderly make it...especially when there is no elevator. hmmm. Finally, it was neat to there, in a completely different world, with great people and great new friends!

Again, they showed us so much hospitality... I am so thankful that such great people are in my life.

Oh... and one more thing about Frankfurt...I know that you are sort-of wondering about the whole "being able to drink in Europe thing" and, just so you know...
It is in this city where I SAFELY found out that I really dislike BECK's beer...and that I really enjoy vodka maracuja, gin w/ sprite, and margaritas! I do just want to point out though, that I SAFELY & Legally found that out! No craziness from me! haha!

And now, LONDON!

So a couple days ago, I arrived in London where my study abroad experience is taking place. It was sort of funny how we got here as the plane literally took off, and (what felt like ten minutes in between) landed again! Pretty awesome! But safe and good. I think I enjoyed it more on British Airways than I did on IcelandAir because the flight workers were way more friendly I felt! It was fun. And somehow, my 65 pound bag (weighed by IcelandAir) turned into a 44 pound bag when I weighed it on the British Airways scale..SWEET!

Orientation was kinda boring....but sort of necessary.
For it, yesterday we went on a couple of tours, walking & by bus. It was a good thing for the knowledge, but they sure were tiring..combined, I think we toured about 5 hours. ridiculous.

These past couple nights have been unbelievable. We saw things like Big Ben, Kensington Palace, the Tower of London, the London Tower, Buckingham Palace, this AMAZING PIER, and this toy store that was SPECTACULAR! ...I love love love toys... 
It was a great beginning to my London adventure, and I will (throughout the semester) get to know London from the inside out! Hopefully you enjoy the pictures below, because London at night is quite the sight to see. absolutely beautiful.

We even had a little encounter with a police-man dressed in a tutu!! HAHA! and a human statue!

The London Tower

This is a Parliament building

The London Eye

Big Ben

Westminster Abbey

So you know how Sunday is a day for church...right?? And that today is Sunday...right?? Well, today we went to church at a Roman Catholic church called the Brompton Oratory...Let me just say that it was one of the worst masses I have ever went too in my life so far! and thats saying a lot because I go to mass every weekend.. There were kids screaming, the priest mumbled every word he spoke, there was noo music, some of the people who attended came 20 minutes late (I swear they just came to go to communion), and the acoustics of that church made everything twice as bad!! It was pretty awful. but you know what, being abroad is all about new experiences! I guess next week we won't be going to the family mass in town!! haha! 

Tomorrow we start classes....UGH! but I guess thats why they call it...STUDY abroad! =D In my next blog I will update you on my living arrangements as well as how my classes are and such.. Hopefully it will be quite entertaining..I am already jotting down a few ideas as a rough draft! Love you all, and hope all is well!


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  1. I love British Airways! I flew it the first time I went to Italy b/c we had to stop in Heathrow for our connecting flight. Very nice people with entertaining accents :)