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September 14, 2010

HOT OFF THE PRESS!! Take a peak! =D YAY! The POPE is coming to London, and I HAVE A TICKET! =D

Dear Pilgrim
I am pleased to advise that the Oratory Parish has a ticket for your admission to the Hyde Park Papal Vigil.
You can now collect
Pilgrim Pack     (white envelope)                   £5 donation on collection
from the Oratory House - 10am to 6.30pm Wednesday & Thursday
from St Joseph's Hall     11am to 12.30pm Saturday
Magnificat Papal Visit booklet                       £2 donation
at the back of the church
(Cheques payable to The London Oratory Charity)
You MUST collect from the Oratory on the morning of Saturday 18th September
The Pass (admission ticket) and Wristband
in St Joseph’s Hall between 11am and 12.30pm
There will be a group leaving to walk to Hyde Park from the Oratory at 2pm, but you can go there yoorself as soon as you have a wristband and pass.
It is expected the Hyde Park arena wil be open from 12.30pm.
Pilgrim Passes
Pilgrim Passes need to be filled out on the back.
Pilgrim Passes will be handed in at the gate of the event.  Pilgrim Wristbands need to be worn.
Pilgrims need to take one form of photo identification in case of spot checks
Hyde Park Journey Information
·        Pilgrims are encouraged to gather first at their Parishes for passes and wristbands to be distributed.
·        While it is understood that Pilgrims will want to try to stay together, travelling on Public Transport may involve the group subdividing. This will not present a problem at Hyde Park as long as all Pilgrims have their properly completed passes and photo identification.
·        The closest bus stops, tube stations and cabs to Hyde Park may be restricted on the day and you may need to walk a little from or to the park.
·        There will be no seating provided so please bring blankets, folding chairs etc.
·        Pilgrims can bring refreshments, and in the arena there will be catering units and official merchandise for sale
Patrick Coll

London Oratory Charity

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  1. Wow! A once in a lifetime experience. I'm sure you'll have many of those in the next few months!