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September 08, 2010

Matthew vs. MY LAUNDRY!

I would like to start off this post....with a question... How many of you, absolutely HATE doing laundry??!

If you said yes, than I agree with you as I had one of the most horrible experiences doing laundry...yesterday. If you said no, than I think that there might be something wrong with you!

So, here are the culprits... I haven't named them yet, but they are on my "Blank" List..

Problem #1 Have you ever heard of laundry machines that require money to operate...? and money that is in the form of coins? and coins that are perfectly round, and are worth the perfect amount? and coins that together make up EXACTLY the right amount of money required to make the machine go?

Well, thats where problem number one lies. So yesterday I decided to do laundry, and I had no idea that the laundry machines required money, much less, money that is in the form of coins. You see, the school that I go to normally (St. Johns University) doesn't do that, and so I am very much used to being able to do as many loads as needed. Anyway, I walked in, and realized this, and so I decided to ask the reception lady (maybe I will take a picture of her later) if she had any change.. "NOPE" she said to me...and so I asked, well, where am I suppose to go and get some change.."YOU GOTTA GO TO A SHOP" she said to me... and so I said, well, I am pretty sure that they won't just give me change for this 10..."WELL YOU GOTTA BUY SOMETHING" she said to me...geez she made me so mad. so I walked out, and about 5 blocks later I found an over-priced grocery store and bought something that I didn't even want, just so I could get change to use these washing machines! UGH!

This is the coin taker, the strict and stubborn little coin taker, that wouldn't take my money...

Problem #2 Are your washing machines conveniently placed? Is there enough standing room where they are located? Even more importantly, located in a place where there is enough space to sort laundry into colors and whites?

Well guess what, the ones here aren't!!
Two of them are located on the bottom floor in the smallest, shortest room you could ever every imagine. (See picture below) The other two are located on the top floor in the tightest staircase you could imagine, with high traffic flow. Now imagine me with my suitcase full of dirty clothes sorting my laundry into different piles in a busy staircase. Talk about complete chaos!

This is me...trying to put on my angry face...and the other pictures are pictures of the TIGHT rooms where the laundry machines are.

Problem #3 How are your washing machines with drying clothes? Do your clothes usually dry all the way when drying them?

Evidently here in London, not all of the dryers work very well! And I didn't want to spend an extra 60 minutes and an extra pound in order to dry one of my loads that didn't dry well! So now I have a room full of wet laundry, with a fan blowing on them to increase the drying rate.

This is the dryer...THAT DIDN'T DRY MY CLOTHES!

Problem #4 If you owned a place that had an elevator...wouldn't you make sure it worked for the people who were using the building? Don't you think you would keep it up to date and nice, to provide people with the best experience while using your facilities?

I guess these FIE people need to be more like you. Because the elevator I was using stopped working while I was on the 5th floor folding my WET laundry in the tightest part of the building with my 50 pound suitcase. Yep, thats right, so when I was finished, I had to carry it down 5 flights of stairs...

So, that was my day with laundry. Fun fun fun! but you know what, being in London makes it all better! haha! =D
Let me just tell you that I had my workout, and I hope you never ever ever have to experience a laundry day like the one I had! =D And also, if you like doing laundry, that must mean that you have a great laundry machine placed in the most convenient spot in your home...and so I say, KUDOS! I think you should call these people up and give them your advice! haha!


  1. That laundry room must be the ugliest room I have ever seen. Why would ANYONE want to clean their clothes in there??

  2. This makes me laugh. Signs that you don't go to UNL & live in the dorms (unless things have changed in the last 10 yrs) or an apartment without a washer & dryer in it. This used to be a regular occurrence for me.