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September 12, 2010

Portobello Road - A market in the middle of London..really??

So...A couple afternoons ago, we decided that it was time to check out.... PORTOBELLO ROAD! A road famous for its cosmopolitan atmosphere with Antiques (Mom you would love it!), cheap FOOD ( I LOVED IT!), Womany Clothes ( I didn't like it =D), Candy (The kids would love it!), Flowers (BEAUTIFUL and CHEAP) and much much more!

It was pretty incredible to see all the different booths just anchored to the street! And then watching them pack up from 4:00pm-5:00pm, trying to stuff everything into their mini-van! CRAZINESS. But definitely, my favorite part was the ability to buy a big bowl of bananas for 1 pound! When you compare that to the 5 bananas you can buy for 1.43 pounds, that is quite the bargain. =D Totally going back!

My only concern was that some of the things that you could buy seemed kinda sketchy! Not completely my cup of tea...Take a look at the baby head pictured below... RIDICULOUS! and also, who would sell lamp shades, from the middle-ages that are displayed on the ground..unbelievable. But again, the food selection was really impressive! haha! =D

One set-up though that was pretty impressive, was this camera display that I saw! It was incredible!! MOM, you woulda loved it! I think he had cameras that were made when the camera was invented. Pretty darn cool! There was also a collection of older stereos...They were pretty neat as well.

Overall, I think that my trip to Portobello Rd. was pretty good. It was neat to see such a unique market-place where you can bargain for something you might want. Fun stuff! =D

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  1. Matthew!!!! World Traveler!!! I got your blog address from your Mom. I can't read it all right now but will be back soon. And, I must say that I know people who use doll heads in night lights and all kinds of altered art projects. Also....I buy old lamp shades every time I find them cheap! Haven't used them yet...but I will!! I'm glad you're having such a good time!