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September 05, 2010

Suh-Weet! - An evening with President of SJU, Father Koopmann and Dan (Past Interim President) as well as...The LONDON gang!

This evening was one of those adventures...that starts off really badly!

So we were invited to a dinner at Dan' Flat here in London with Father Koopmann (President of SJU) as well as the rest of the London Gang...and well, we were supposed to be there at 6:00pm, and ended up not getting there until around 6:45pm....not the best way to impress some of the most important people at SJU! oops.
I blame it on a few things, the fact that we left at around 5:30pm, the tube (one of Londons transportation methods) broke down at one of the stations we were passing through, someone forgot their oyster card (the card that ables you to use the transportation systems), and myself...for always having the worst luck ever!! oh well...

However, the night turned out to be absolutely wonderful!

For those of you that know me really well, know that I am a big fan of houses...and kinda being snoopy. I think I get the being fan of houses part from my dad because he builds them, and the being snoopy part from my mom, because well...just because she is probably the biggest snoop I know! haha! and his flat was INCREDIBLE! from the floors to the ceilings to the door frames to the overall layout to the furniture, it was unbelievable.
I would have filled my time at the party with taking pictures, but because I didn't want to be "weird" I only took pictures of the things that were just the...."Coolest things that I have ever seen in a home!"

If you are building a home...I just want you to be aware of what is an absolute must...

1. Have you ever seen double doors, that (when open) are flush with the side walls?? I haven't, and this flat was unique in the fact that almost every door that was there had this effect! It was awesome! And if you look closely at the picture below, there is no way for the door to latch into the sidewall...well let me tell you how he does it...with MAGNETS! It was the design of a lifetime, and I got it explained to me by Dan himself. Lucky man, lucky man! And get this, when there is a fire or something and the fire alarms go off, the magnets let go and the doors shut...and then there is this strip that is along the side of the doors, kinda looks like felt, that (when heated) melts and seals the middle crack shut...Allowing for smoke, and oxygen, and heat to get through..!! It was genius I tell you...and, it follows fire code in London! YAYA! gotta love it.

Dad, you must do this on all houses you build..from now on! haha!

2. So, I had to go to the bathroom....and in this bathroom was this towel rack thing hung behind me...but this towel rack wasn't no ordinary towel rack..oh no! This towel rack was HEATED! holy smokes! It was so neat. This allowed for nice warm towels after getting out of the shower, as well as a source for drying them after drying yourself off and making them wet. Again...Isn't that just INGENIOUS!

3. The piano he had in his dining/common room was a replica of a unique Steinway & Sons baby grand, and the sounds this thing produced was just...beautiful. I am a major fan of our Boston at home, but this thing was great! And it was a really pretty brown too...also in Pristine condition. Beautiful. Not something that everyone would have in their homes, but it was cool!

4. I also loved the door handles, and the locks on them. Not sure what to say about them, except, they were neat.

5. Canned lights are a must! They provide a sleek, modern, and classy look to any home...and provide great lighting! And guess what, this flat had them. Again, absolutely beautiful.

6. Finally, Custom cabinetry add the finishing touches to any beautiful home. Without great looking cabinets, your house maybe just average...noone wants that..right? =D This cabinetry was wonderful to look at! Reminds me a lot of my dads! now that Home building 101 is over. Lets move on!

The evening started out with a few introductions and then some musical entertainment performed by some of the faculty members at CSB/SJU as well as President Koopmann. That was pretty awesome, and they all are very talented.

We then ate a delicious meal...It was some kind of pasta mixed with all sorts of stuff, and ended with this dessert that looked like a monument it was so pretty. I really didn't want to eat it, because of its beauty!! haha! but I'm glad I did.

We ended the evening with some conversation, and then some goodbyes. I would say that even though the evening started out rather poorly, it ended up pretty darn great!

I realize...that this post is kinda right after the previous one...but I had such a great time, I wanted to let you all know..instantly! =D

love, Matthew

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